Vokabelliste: Liebherr

Vokabelliste: Liebherr

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gründen, der Gründer, – to found; founder
der Wiederaufbau reconstruction [of Germany after World War II]
marktführend industry leading
liefern to deliver, to supply
her•stellen, die Herstellung to manufacture; manufacturing, production
die Mitarbeiter; die Angestellten employees
die Steuer, -n tax(es)
der Kran, -e crane
das Getriebe, – transmission
das Zahnrad, ¨-er gear (literally: toothed wheel)
der Bagger, – excavators and other “earth-moving equipment”
der Portalroboter, – gantry [e.g. for moving large items in a factory]
das Fließband, ¨-er assembly line
steuern; die Steuerung control (as in: directing how something operates or guiding the “direction” of a process); to steer, to control (in the above sense)
speichern to store
das Längenmaß, -e linear measurement, measure of length
der Durchmesser, – diameter
im Uhrzeigersinn clockwise
die Ziffer, -n digit
die Luft, ¨-e; atmen air; to breathe
die Tragfläche, -n wing, airfoil (“carrying surface”)
der Flügel, – wing
der Rumpf body, fuselage, hull
das Triebwerk, -e engine (of a plane, rocket etc.–but can also be used for cars)
die Sicherheit; sicher safety; sicher, sure
ab•stürzen to crash (for airplanes and helicopters)
das Leitwerk, -e collective term for the miscellaneous rudders, flaps etc. which help steer and balance
a plane
die Stabilität stability
das Gleichgewicht balance
das Fahrwerk, das Fahrwerkssystem, -e in aviation: landing gear, undercarriage [for cars, Fahrwerk = chassis, i.e. suspension, shocks, wheels, steering, brakes etc.]
das Betätigungssystem, -e; betätigen actuation system; to operate (equipment, e.g. by pushing buttons and throwing switches)
Landeklappen und Vorflügel straps [airbrakes] and flaps
das Höhenruder, – The translations are technical terms you can find on dict.cc, but click here for a diagram showing these parts of a plane (scroll about halfway down the page), and here to see how they work.
das Seitenruder, –
das Querruder, –
die Trimmklappe, -n
der Laderaum, ¨-e cargo area
das Ventil, -e valve
der Prüfstand, ¨-e test rig, test stand, dynamometer
prüfen, testen to test
warten; die Wartung to service, to maintain (an engine etc.) [of course this also means “to wait”]; service, maintenance
überholen to overhaul, to refit [this also means: to pass (as in a car passing a slower car)]
instandsetzen to repair, to refurbish
das Ersatzteil, -e replacement part
die Vorrichtung apparatus, device, contraption
die Korrosion corrosion
der Riss, -e tear
das Werkzeug, -e; das Werkzeug wechseln tool; to change/switch tools
das Werkstück, -e workpiece (raw material being machined)
die Fräsmaschine, -n mill/milling machine
die Wälzfräsmaschine, -n [short for: die Zahnradabwälzfräsmaschine, -n 🙂 ] gear hobbing machine

das Trockenfräsen

[trocken = dry; nass = wet]

dry hobbing (an innovation developed [=entwickelt] by Liebherr that makes the process a great deal cleaner [=sauberer], easier [=leichter] and safer [=sicherer] and saves [=spart] the great quantities of oil that used to be required to lubricate [=schmieren] and cool the equipment. It also eliminates the “Verschmutzung” [=dirtying] caused by the oil, and the need to dispose of the oil in an environmentally responsible way [“entsorgen“])
der Span, ¨-e; entfernen (metal or wood) shavings; to remove
die Druckluft pressurized air
die Wälzstoßmaschine, -n gear shaping machine
die Drehmaschine, -n; drehen lathe; to turn
die Drehzahl, -en rotational frequency (e.g. rotations per minute)


der Betonmischer cement mixer
der Raupenkran crawler crane [Note: die Raupe = caterpillar!]
entlacken to remove the paint/varnish (before servicing a part) [der Lack = paint, varnish]
Plastikkügelchen little plastic balls (serving as bearings) [die Kugel = ball, sphere]
auf dem Acker landen to land in a (farm’s) field (relevant in this context since it would make a plane need to be serviced)
das Spannfutter, – chuck
das Kegelrad, ¨-er bevel gear
die Kugelumlaufspindel, -n; die
Kugelrollspindel, -n
ball revolution spindle, ballscrew [we’ll see some of these during the tour – click on the links to see it!]