iLrn Kreuzwortraetsel

Information über die iLrn Kreuzworträtsel

We’ve recommended some of the iLrn crosswords because they’re good (and hopefully somewhat fun) vocabulary practice, but there seem to be some glitches in the programming. Here’s some advice that will hopefully help:

–It may take a couple of seconds for the crossword grid to actually show
–If your browser tells you you need Java and downloading Java either doesn’t help or you’re worried that downloading a newer version of Java could cause problems, try using a different browser. Often this will solve the problem (see below)
–If you click on the number for a clue, the answer squares for that clue are highlighted, but the clue doesn’t appear. You need to scroll down to the clue manually (it will be highlighted), then scroll back up to enter your answer.
–The crossword and the clues may disappear briefly while you scroll, but will reappear when you release the mouse.
–The crossword currently ignores Umlaute. You should write “RUCKEN” instead of “RÜCKEN,” “ZAHNE” instead of “ZÄHNE,” etc. For “ß,” write “SS.”

–Clicking “Revert” clears all your answers
–Clicking “Check” checks whether what you’ve entered so far is correct and deletes all incorrect letters
–Selecting a square and clicking “Reveal” shows you the letter that goes in that space
–Clicking “Solution” shows you the complete answer for the crossword.

Troubleshooting advice:

If you don’t see the crossword puzzle at all, or if only part of it seems to show up, please try the following:

  • Make sure you have the newest version of whatever browser you’re using.
  • Make sure you have the newest version of Java. To download it, go to
  • If neither of the above two solutions works, try another browser, if possible. If your browser tells you to enable Java, enable Java 🙂
  • If none of the above steps helps, try clicking on the “Technical Support” link at the top of your iLrn home page.