Deutsch 102 AMD 1

Instructions and MANY ideas are in the pinned posts at the top of the “Discussions” page:

  • Was ist ein AMD? provides a general description of this assignment. In brief: find something you enjoy that has to do with German, do it for 45-55 minutes, then write a post about what you did.
  • MANY ideas for what you can do are in the AMD-Ideen and Beispiele: Sample Posts posts. You can also scroll through the discussion to see what others have done.
  • You may also want to look at the Resources and Links post.
  • Before you write your post about what you did, take a quick look at the Content Guidelines post. Look for useful phrases and other ideas in the Beispiele: Sample Posts post.
  • Make sure you follow any additional guidelines mentioned in the AMD-Ideen, such as posting a trailer if you watch a movie, or a video if you listen to a song, and including some useful phrases you learned from your activity.
  • If you can’t find anything you’re enthusiastic about doing, please talk to your instructor so s/he can try to help you. This assignment will be much more effective if you enjoy it smiley

Additional ideas for AMD 1 [please email Hartmut if you find broken links on this page!]:

There are lots of ideas on the blog pages mentioned above for things you could do. Here is one additional specific idea for this AMD:

  • Look for episode 1 of “Extra auf Deutsch” on YouTube. This is an entertaining soap-opera spoof about Sam, an American eager to learn German, who generates a lot of excitement when he bursts into the problematic love triangle of Sascha, Nic (who loves Sascha), and Sascha’s roommate Anna (who loves Nic). The series, made for language learners, consists of 13 episodes. The German is simple, clear, and useful, and the videos are captioned to help you follow along. The exaggerated laugh-track lets you know when a joke has been made, and some of the jokes are funny. For your AMD, write a sentence or two about the plot, and note some words and expressions you learned or recognized.
  • Watch the pronunciation videos in the first bullet point here. Repeat the sounds after the speaker; pause the video(s) as needed. Write about what you noticed.