Deutsch 102 AMD 3


If you can’t find anything you’re enthusiastic about doing, please talk to your instructor so s/he can try to help you, since this assignment will be much more effective if you enjoy itsmiley

Ideas for AMD 3 [please email Hartmut if you find broken links on this page!]:

  • Remember: MANY ideas for what you can do are in the AMD-Ideen and Beispiele: Sample Posts posts pinned to the top of the Discussion section. You can also scroll through the posts to see what others have done.
  • Gehen Sie zur Schokoladenstunde im LRC oder besuchen Sie die Kaffeestunde oder den Deutschtisch im Max Kade Haus.
  • Sehen Sie einen deutschen Film mit Untertiteln. Hier finden Sie deutsche Filme:
  • If you enjoyed Verliebt in Berlin, watch the next episode in the LRC (the DVD is on reserve). Click here for some notes on episode 2!
  • If you enjoyed “Extra auf Deutsch,” look for another episode on YouTube.