Deutsch 102 AMD 4


If you can’t find anything you’re enthusiastic about doing, please talk to your instructor so s/he can try to help you, since this assignment will be much more effective if you enjoy it smiley

Ideas for AMD 4 [please email Hartmut if you find broken links on this page!]:

  • Remember: MANY ideas for what you can do are in the AMD-Ideen and Beispiele: Sample Posts posts pinned to the top of the Discussion section. You can also scroll through the posts to see what others have done.
  • By now you’ve probably accumulated a lot of questions about the culture readings you’ve done online in German 101 and 102, and what you’ve read in the “Brennpunkt Kultur” boxes in Vorsprung – and probably also lots of other questions you’d like to ask a “real” German/Austrian/Swiss person. And there’s surely someone from Germany, Austria or Switzerland whom you know from one of your classes, or from where you live or where you work, or whom you’ve met socially. So ask him/her if s/he’ll let you interview him/her, and if s/he says yes, arrange a time, and figure out what you want to ask. Ask your questions auf Deutsch (switch to English when you need to), and perhaps also just make some conversation auf Deutsch for fun.
  • If you enjoyed “Extra auf Deutsch,” look for another episode on YouTube.
  • Gehen Sie zur Schokoladenstunde im LRC oder besuchen Sie die Kaffeestunde oder den Deutschtisch im Max Kade Haus.