Deutsch 102 Aufsatz 4

Aufsatz 4 Grading Rubrics:

Click here to see the rubrics your instructor will use to grade your essay. This will give you a clearer idea of what to strive for in terms of content and language.

Aufsatz 4 Logistics:

  • 350 Wörter
  • Please DOUBLE SPACE your essay!
  • Please give a word count for your essay (z.B.: Wortzahl: 345)
  • ***1 Aufsatz pro Gruppe***: alle Studenten in Ihrer Gruppe bekommen die gleiche [=same] Note!
  • Leaf through the book to look for ideas: you can be very creative with the language we've learned so far! [Do this when you prepare your test essays, too!] Try to avoid saying things you haven't learned the German for yet.
  • Do NOT write your script in English and then translate it into German: this is very hard work, and produces very poor results!


  • Schreiben Sie die ersten [=first] 350 Wörter von Ihrem Rollenspiel
    • Click here to see the instructions for the final role play from the Kursinformation.
    • Click here to see the "Guidelines for Content of Role Plays"!

Additional Advice

Remember that you will be performing this dialog ==> using vocabulary and structures we have learned will make it MUCH easier for you to perform your role play, and easier for the class to understand and enjoy it. Focussing on vocabulary and structures we have learned to construct your role play will also be excellent review for the final!