Deutsch 221/231 AMD 2


Additional ideas for AMD 2:

Thema ImmigrantInnen, Flüchtlinge, AusländerInnen:

  • Here is an article about four women’s perspectives on why they wear a Kopftuch from a great resource for news and culture articles for junge Erwachsene such as yourselves: Feel free to search for other interesting articles there!
  • Here is an article from Deutsche Welle about the power of language when talking about the “Flüchtling” situation.
  • Filme zum Thema “Rassissmus, Diskriminierung”: You can stream short videos on various topics with the option to purchase the longer version (not necessary for our purposes). For your AMD, you could pick 1 or 2 of the topics. Write about some main points and new vocabulary from the video and from the text included on the webpage below the video screen. Note: the term Antiziganismus refers to stereotyping itinerant peoples such as the Romani, Sinti, and Yenish.
  • Take a sample version of the “Einbürgerungstest” that anyone who wants to become a German citizen must pass. Click here to see this sample test, and some background info about it.
  • Click here to see a poster created by the Auslanderbeauftragte des Senats in Berlin, proposing a very wide range of possible associations with the question “Was ist Deutsch?” Decide on a few terms that intrigue you and try to find out what they mean, by searching on Google or
    • As a compliment to the poster, you may also want to watch the short video “Du bist Deutschland” created for a 2006 campaign encouraging Germans from all backgrounds to feel that their actions could change the country for the better. The questions of what the video wants to achieve, how it makes its argument, and whether one could imagine a corresponding video in this country are interesting to think about.
  • Here is an interview with a German master chef who was born in Turkey and came to Germany with his family when he was 10. He talks about his childhood and growing up in Turkey and in Germany (including attempts at forming an MC Hammer-style boy band), the mediocre education he received at the Hauptschule, his first cooking jobs, explains why he eats pork, and why there are/were no other Turkish master chefs at the time of the interview. His restaurant Le Canard is well-known in Hamburgfor its cuisine.
  • Here is a series of texts called Gegensätze [=contrasts]. They include different perspectives of second or third generation Turks and their parents living in Germany. For your AMD, read these experiences and either take the quiz and submit it to your instructor, OR write your own creative reaction.
  • Here is an interview with a German citizen who successfully sued after being repeatedly subjected to identity checks on trains because he is black. After his suit was rejected in the first trial, a higher court ruled that this sort of racial profiling is illegal. Things to look for in the article: 1. How did other people on the train react when the young man was asked for ID? 2. Did he sue for financial compensation? 3. The court required the policemen to apologize for their actions. Was the apology sincere? 4. What were the consequences of the suit being rejected at the first trial? 5. How has the police union reacted to the outcome of the 2nd trial? How have human rights organizations and legal experts (Juristen) reacted? How about the young man himself?

Andere Ideen:

  • Gehen Sie zur Schokoladenstunde im MLB oder zur Kaffeestunde oder einem Deutschtisch im Max Kade Haus in North Quad.
  • Lesen Sie eins von den “AMD-Büchern” (Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen, Damals war es Friedrich, oder Peter Schlemihls wundersame Geschichte).
  • Lesen Sie eine Bildergeschichte [=graphic novel] auf deutsch. Es gibt sehr viele davon im Language Resource Center!
  • Schauen Sie sich deutsch Cartoons an.
  • Sehen Sie einen deutschen Film mit Untertiteln (aber bitte NICHT unsere Kursfilme: Nach fünf im Urwald; Willkommen bei den Hartmanns; Europa, Europa; Sonnenallee; Good Bye Lenin!). Hier finden Sie deutsche Filme:
    • German Movies at Askwith Media Library in der UGLi
    • Filme im LRC Hier gibt es auch amerikanische/englische Filme auf Deutsch: Star Wars, Monty Python, The Big Lebowski usw.! (Sie müssen diese Filme im LRC sehen).
    • Kanopy Streaming Database Es gibt viele Filme zu sehen, auch englische. Für ein AMD soll der Film auf Deutsch (mit englischen Untertiteln) sein. Empfehlung bei Kanopy: “Kebab Connection,” an “immigrant comedy.”
    • Netflix, Hulu…


  • Was ist ein AMD? Find something you enjoy smiley that has to do with German (in German language), do it for 45-55 minutes, then post to the blog about what you did.
  • MANY ideas for what you can do are on the AMD-Ideen pages for each AMD. You can also scroll through the Canvas Discussions for AMDs to see what others have done.
  • Include some useful phrases you learned from your activity.