Humor und andere Seiten zum Spaß

Humor und andere Seiten zum Spaß

In general, please follow the links on these pages at your own risk. Joke collections, for example, often include some potentially offensive material. If you notice problems such as popups with explicit sexual content, or if a site’s content is excessively offensive, please email Hartmut and the link will be removed immediately.

Jokes and humor sites Comics und Cartoons
Video Games/Computer Games Miscellaneous fun stuff

Jokes and humor sites [der Witz, -e= joke; lustig = witzig = funny]

  • Der Witz des Tages [“The joke of the day”] Includes an option to subscribe [abonnieren].
  • Woxikon: Witze, Sprüche [serious and humorous sayings] und Chuck Norris Witze
  • Large collection of jokes listed by categories
  • Gute Witze Another collection of jokes listed by categories
  • Emphasis on silly jokes, arranged by categories
  • Cool in allen Lebenslagen Silly instructions for how to be cool. The text was written in 1987, and has “always” been on the internet in some form. Led to a cult TV series from 1989-91, “Ernst Eiswürfl.”

Comics und Cartoons

  • Click on the icons below the cartoon on the home page to see more cartoons.
    • Recurring themes/characters include Santa Claus & his occasionally vacationing reindeer; an obnoxious neighbor living in the wall of an apartment; cacti; ice monsters; snowmen; vampires; monsters; elephants; suicidal lemmings; “pupsen” (a childish word for passing gas); disastrously powerful magnets etc.
  • Deutsche South Park Seite. Redirects to the U.S. South Park site if you’re at a U.S. IP address, but if you’re at a German IP address, you should be able to watch all the South park episodes in German via this site. Use the icon that looks like a weird mouth to change the language to German (the default is often English)
  • Die Simpsons Man sieht die Simpsons in Deutschland auf “ProSieben”. Hier ist die ProSieben Webseite für die Simpsons.
  • Werner German cartoon about a low-brow motorcycle rider who speaks dialect and speeds recklessly.
  • Deutsches Asterix Archiv Asterix is actually a French comic about an eccentric little village in Gaul that resists Julius Caesar’s Romans with the help of a magic potion brewed by its druid, but it is very popular in Germany. We’ve ordered the first Asterix comic as “recommended reading’ for 102/103–take a look if you’re interested!
  • Ralf König Homepage of Germany’s best-known author of gay-themed comics. Warning: the drawings on this site are often quite explicit. The very popular 1994 movie Maybe, Maybe Not (Der bewegte Mann) was based on comics by Ralf König.

Video Games/Computer Games

Miscellaneous fun stuff

  • geboren am Lists famous people born on any given day. Click on any name for more info. Also provides birthdays for people in the news, people who will have a “major” birthday this year, etc. Lots of interesting info, great for browsing when you have a minute, or at the start of the day.
  • Huge collection of random self-tests/quizzes, from trivia/IQ tests to “Bin ich sexy?”
  • Monty Python auf Deutsch:
    • Monty Pythons fliegender Zirkus In 1971 & 1972, two episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus were produced in German for German TV.  John Cleese and company actually say all their lines in surprisingly good German [this started out as their final project for German 231].  This link takes you to one of the episodes on YouTube; if it breaks, a search on YouTube should let you find at least a few highlights. Click here to see the wikipedia page about these two episodes, which may include additional links, e.g. to the transcripts of the shows.
    • Das Leben des Brian Complete script of The Life of Brian auf Deutsch!
    • Monty Python Sketche auf Deutsch Transcripts for several Monty Python sketches; the first two are in German.
  • Dinner for One This Slate article probes the mystery of how this British sketch, unknown in Britain, could become Germany’s most popular New Year’s tradition. You can watch the sketch here (The first 2:24 is a traditional German introduction to the sketch; then the sketch follows in English).
  • Liebe…
    • Liebesbrief Online archive of romantic texts 🙂
    • Hier können Sie Kontaktanzeigen [=romance ads] auf Deutsch lesen.  Try not to click on any links marked “Werbung” in tiny letters!
    • Teenager Here teenagers can ask and answer questions. They can be about anything, but of course are very often about romance 🙂
  • Mensa Speisekarten – Kölner Unis Sehen Sie, was die Studenten in den Kantinen an den Universitäten in Köln essen, und wie billig es ist!
  • Loreley Restaurant & Biergarten If you’re ever in New York City, check out this place, which serves excellent, authentic German food, and has Gaffel Kölsch on tap straight from Cologne. The staff speaks German, and perhaps your German could get you a job there
  • Heavy-Metal-Umlaut If the topic interests you, you can follow the link to the corresponding English-language page for lots more info and examples.
  • 2Rhyme – das deutsche Reimlexikon Das deutsche Reimlexikon [Reim = rhyme]. “Für Dichter, Songwriter, Rapper und Verliebte.”
  • Zungenbrecher/Tongue Twisters A comprehensive collection of tongue twisters, spoonerisms [=Schüttelreime] etc., including some in various dialects. Some are fun, some are lame, some are good pronunciation practice. Pick the ones you like! Click on the hyperlinked number above each one to see a translation.
  • Das virtuelle Lederhosenmuseum Alles über bayerische, österreichische und internationale Lederhosen.
  • Die offizielle deutsche Star Trek Seite.
  • Das deutsche Star Wars Wiki
  • Porsche Track Experience Lernen Sie, im Porsche schnell und sicher zu fahren!
  • German animal sounds Brilliant page comparing the words for animal sounds in various languages.
  • Mark Twain’s essay(s) “The Awful German Language” and/or “The Horrors of the German Language. Twain actually learned to speak German very well, so it’s OK that he made fun of it
    • Note: Apart from its obvious humor, what makes “The Horrors of the German Language” such a marvelous text is that Twain wrote (and delivered) the speech in excellent German, and also translated it literally word-for-word into English. Reading through the parallel columns of this text can be a great activity for expanding your vocabulary, and getting a feel for German grammar and syntax, and for some of the differences between German and English – though Twain is of course also using a somewhat older form of the language, and manipulating it to suit his purpose.
  • wikipedia: Denglisch On the influx of English into German. Lots of great examples
  • German and English Wikipedia pages about the beloved car, der Trabant (“der Trabi“), formerly produced in East Germany, which became a cult object after German reunification.
  • Information auf Deutsch und auf Englisch über das Oktoberfest.