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Wissenschaft [=Science] & Technik

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Videos/Multimedia and Interactive Sites

Compilations of Scientific News

  • hi!tech Blog von Siemens Österreich Short articles on anything from advanced experimental Physics to medical technology. Click on APA-Science in the sidebar for an eclectic and interesting mix of science news.
  • APA Science Articles compiled by the Austrian Press Agency. At the bottom of the page, you will find additional non-science-related resources, e.g. a daily simplified news summary: “Nachrichten leicht verständlich.”
  • idw – Informationsdienst Wissenschaft A great service compiling cutting-edge research news (Nachrichten) in various categories (Forschungsergebnisse = research results). A few articles are posted in English; some are posted (separately) in both English and German.

Scientific Magazines Online


  • Astronews.com Tolle Astronomie-Seite.  In der Kategorie “Frag astronnews.com” kann man Fragen stellen und antworten lesen. Das Glossar
    erklärt [=explains] Fachbegriffe [=technical terms].
  • Astronomie.de
  • Astronomische Fachbegriffe Concise German-German dictionary of astronomical terminology put together by students at the Käthe Kollwitz Gymnasium in Wilhelmshaven.

Miscellaneous Scientific Sites

  • Wikipedia.de Great resource for scientific topics
  • Deutsches Museum München Museum für Naturwissenschaft und Technik. Tolle interaktive Webseiten mit Videos, mini-Experimenten usw.
  • Mensch Einstein Excellent question and answer-based website where you can find information about concepts and devices that would not be possible without Einstein, biographical information, and quotes.
  • MendelWeb A great site with all kind of information about Mendel. In particular, it includes full German and English texts of his famous paper, so if you open two browser windows, you could read them side by side like a facing page translation.
  • A Scientific German Reader from 1907 The language is a bit dated, and the initial section on Math is rather difficult in places (but includes, for instance, a neat proof of the Pythagorean Theorem!), but the subsequent sections on Physics and Chemistry are quite readable!
  • Liste der Träger des Ig-Nobelpreises Lists the Ig-Nobel Prize winners by year, with German descriptions. Browse the list for fun, or find a topic that interests you and search for articles about it in German!