Das Deutschlabor

Das Deutschlabor


Montag – Donnerstag, 1-4


The German Lab meets virtually. Please sign up for the German Lab here, and when the time comes, click on the instructor’s name in the sign-up Google doc to join their Zoom meeting [unless you and the instructor have agreed to meet in person.]

What kinds of questions is the German Lab designed to answer?

ALL of them 🙂

  • The only thing instructors in the German Lab are NOT supposed to do is proofread your essays [but they CAN proofread your test essay drafts for German 101/102/103 ==> what follows applies only to “assigned” essays] You CAN ask three or four specific questions about your essay in the German Lab, e.g. about how to say something, or whether something is correct. Please follow the citation guidelines to cite any help you received with your essay in the German Lab. Please ask your instructor if you have further questions about this policy!
  • You can ask for help with your homework. For pedagogical reasons, we won’t just tell you the answers, and may at various points ask you to continue work on your own to see if you’ve understood the point(s) being practiced–but we’ll help you as much as necessary so you can get the assignment done.
  • You can ask for advice on how to study.
  • You can practice speaking, practice pronunciation, or practice for a speaking test.
  • You can ask about general or specific grammar points you don’t understand.
  • You can ask for “more practice.” Often you’ll have understood a certain point in principle, but you’ll just feel that you need more practice. We’ll try to find or come up with exercises to help you get that practice, and to work through them with you.
  • You can ask for help with a text you’re reading for homework, or for fun.
  • You might just want to speak some German. We’ll be glad to do that with you in the German Lab anytime.