Zombiekeys for Windows

Zombiekeys for Windows

The following information was sent to me by a student (vielen Dank, David!):

I noticed that you emphasized that the primary shortcuts listed for Windows (e.g. the Ctrl + :, then vowel ==> umlauted vowel & Ctrl + &, then s ==> ß) did not work in web browsers.

Recently, I came upon an extension for Mozilla’s Firefox and Thunderbird that allows use of these “MS Word” shortcuts. It is known as ZombieKeys. Please visit its official Mozilla-description website here.

Please also note that a complete listing of key-combinations for use with ZombieKeys can be found here (note the new (“non-MS-Word”) combinations for € and ¢).

I just installed the extension for my use. I noticed that, although the description doesn’t mention this, the shortkeys only work in certain parts of the windows. These seem limited to the main frame of each window (i.e. only the area in Firefox displaying the webpage’s content; only the area in Thunderbird for writing an email; NOT in the address/search bars or other dialog boxes; NOT in the Subject area in Thunderbird). The characters, however, can easily be copied to one of the “non-enabled” areas, after using the shortkey to write the character in a different (enabled) text-area.