Here’s a site devoted to “Favorite Teenage Angst Books.” The description reads:

Hi! You’ve stumbled into a celebration of teenage angst and personal discovery. Here, you’ll learn about great books for teens, meet interesting authors and other creative folks, and join me in honoring the joys and struggles of our teenage years. Welcome!

Here’s a website that uses the term for its URL. The Munch painting (“The Scream”) appearing at the top of the page (when I last looked) is a good image of the way this term is used in English.

Here’s a Unitarian/Universalist presentation entitled “Existential Anxiety: Angst.”

Here’s a piece under the fun general heading “Adventures in Poetry” entitled “Lessons in Existential Angst, Coming Up,” which begins:

Let’s talk about existential angst!

Existential angst is my favorite kind of angst. It is much preferable to being-bombed angst or starvation angst or any of the other kind of normal everyday angsts that leap to mind.

Here’s the website for an Australian horror movie titled Angst.

And finally, there’s apparently a computer game company that has named itself “Angst Technologies.”