Dear all,

Please note the opportunity to apply for a work study position in the German department office. Deadline to apply is tomorrow (Tue, 8/28). See the yellow section for more details!

Other highlights from this week’s email, and what color section to check for more details:

  • Intensive German I (German100) and Intensive German II (German 230) in the Residential College, Fall 2018
  • Tübingen Study Abroad Program for Winter 2019 (Application deadline: Sept. 15)– yellow
  • Conversation Opportunities – pink
    • Schokoladenstunde and Max Kade Kaffeestunde & Deutschtisch will resume in the Fall!
  • Conversation Partner Options – grey
  • For fun: This is why you’re German – grey
  • Bizarre 70s Video: Bundesliga Fashion Show – grey
  • Learn with Oliver– grey
  • Yabla German: Fun Listening Comprehension Practice – grey

Click here to see the list of courses offered by the German Department in Fall 2018. This includes courses in English as well as in German – tell your friends! Note that you can also see which courses satisfy distribution or college requirements (HU, SS, R&E, ULWR).

Schokoladenstunde and Max Kade Kaffeestunde & Deutschtisch will resume in the Fall!

LRC Conversation Partner Site

Ann Arbor Stammtisch

      • A German Stammtisch meets once a week, usually on Thursdays at 8:00 pm at Grizzly Peak or another bar near Main Street. Join the email list to stay up-to-date on where and when the group will meet.
      • There’s also a facebook page: look for “German Table / Stammtisch”
      • Alternatively, contact Andy Kasten at for the current location and for more information. Wherever the Stammtisch meets, he’ll be wearing a VfB Stuttgart soccer jersey — Debitel on the front, Bordon #5 on the back. It’s white with a red collar and stripes.
      • This is NOT something you can do to make up an absence, but you can still go for fun and/or write about it for an AMD.

German Club meetings will resume in the Fall!

Intensive German I (German100) and Intensive German II (German 230) in the Residential College, Fall 2018

Intensive German I (German100) and Intensive German II (German 230) are 8-credit intensive courses offered each Fall and Winter in the Residential College. These are excellent courses in which motivated language learners can make rapid progress. The courses meet MTThF 10-11 and 1-2. Students can get extra practice speaking German at the daily Mittagstisch (MTThF) and Monday afternoon coffee hours. The RC recommends that non-RC students attend these co-curriculars as often as possible, but they are not a requirement for LSA students. If you have any questions, please contact Janet Shier via email [jshie at]. Click here for a description of both courses.

Faculty Advisors Andrew Mills & Kalli Federhofer

      • Contact our two faculty advisors, Andrew or Kalli, for advice on study abroad, internships abroad, a German major/minor, upper-level German courses, career opportunities in German, study-abroad and work-abroad opportunities, etc. They have frequent office hours in Fall/Winter, but more limited availability in Spring/Summer, as follows:
      • Andrew Mills (MLB 3122;
        • If you want to make an appointment with Andrew, please send him an email.
      • Karl-Georg Federhofer (MLB 3422;
        • If you want to make an appointment with Kalli, please send him an email.
        • Kalli’s office hours this week will be:
          Tuesday, August 2811-1 p.m.,
          Wednesday, August 2911-1 p.m.,
          Thursday, August 3011-1 p.m.,
          Friday, August 3111-1 p.m.
      • You may still be able to schedule appointments with Andrew & Kalli by clicking here
      • As of September 1, Mary Rodena-Krasan will be taking over from Andrew Mills, so the advisors will then be Mary and Kalli!

This page will only include entries in this category when there is a job/internship etc. aimed at German students at all levels. To see more internship and job opportunities, scroll through Kalli’s blog, addressed to all upper-level German students

There are two German Department facebook groups:

  • “German Advising at University of Michigan” [Read news here!]
    • Join this group to see much of the information you see in this email, as well as other relevant info, in the form of individual announcement posts.
  • “German Program at University of Michigan – Vorwärts Blau!” [Post things here!]
    • You are encouraged to join this group to in order to read and post interesting/fun items related to German language and culture. If you have trouble joining the group or posting something, please email Hartmut!

AND there is a German Department facebook page. Check it out:

You can find weekly updates similar to this email but with lots more content on this blog.

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  • Conversation Partner Options: Various options for finding conversation partners are listed on this page.
  • Germanic Department Photo Contest(Wednesday, September 12; Application Deadline)
  • For fun: This is why you’re GermanThis site provides a random list of somewhat tongue-in-cheek reasons why you’re German, like “You clap when your plane lands” or “It’s your birthday and YOU are paying for the drinks.” Click on the little yellow feedback button (with messages like “Right on!” “Prost,” or “Das stimmt”) to see the next item. Note that “Rischtiisch” is a humorous spelling for the Rhineland pronunciation of “Richtig.”
  • Bizarre 70s video: Bundesliga Fashion Show: This is a clip from the end of an episode of a popular sports talk show in the 70s. The Bundesliga soccer season was coming to an end, and they had apparently invited a fashion designer to present his take on how the next season’s uniforms should look. They begin reasonably enough by showing a few of the current outfits. Then the music starts and the weirdness begins. Enjoy.Lots of viewers still had black and white TVs back then, so the moderator describes the colors of all the new designs ==> this is also a great review of the words for the colors 🙂
  • Learn with OliverThis link takes you directly to the German site, but you can use the site to study many other languages via the language list at the bottom. Create a free account and try it out. The flashcards include audio and example sentences, and an option to make your own notes (e.g. mnemonics for the word). They use a spaced repetition format that allows you to control when you see a card again. The “Text Analyzer” allows you to enter a German text and then hover over words in the text to see a translation and access the flashcard for that word if it’s in the site’s database. You can also create a set of flashcards to study based on the text. You can sign up to receive daily practice emails. Another great feature: “Practice Sentences“: click and you will see a random (useful) sentence, then (after a pause), its translation, then the next sentence, etc.
  • Yabla German: Fun Listening Comprehension PracticeThis is a great site for practicing your listening comprehension, and you can sign up for free through the LRC. Yabla allows you to watch their library of authentic German videos (TV clips, music videos, etc.) with various features to help you practice listening (you can slow down the audio, choose segments to repeat on a loop until you understand, see German and/or English captions, etc.You can see some demo Yabla videos here: I recommend starting by clicking on the main “Demo” button, to see an overview of the features. Then try it out with one of the sample videos on that page.You can register for free via this page.A limited number of slots are available in each language. Your subscription expires after a month if others are waiting, in which case you can sign back up via the above link to rotate back into the next available spot.