Deutsch 102 Kultur-Texte & Videos

Instructions for Kultur Assignments:

0. You will post your responses to the Kultur texts in Canvas Discussions.

1. For each chapter, there will be a list of roughly 4-6 short articles, videos, or links on topics related to the culture of the German-speaking countries. In addition, you will see the list of “Brennpunkt Kultur” boxes included in the chapter. Spend about 40-45 minutes watching the videos, and reading the articles and the Brennpunkt Kultur boxes. (Note: the Brennpunkt Kultur info will be tested on the chapter tests. The articles will not.)

2. Then spend about 15-20 minutes writing a post (in English, but include as much German as you like!) with your reactions to what you read, and maybe some favorite quotes. It’s great if you can include images, or links to other relevant articles, videos, or websites (some, or even most, of your post can be about these related materials, if they’re relevant).

3. There is no length requirement, but your post should give your instructor the impression that you spent the suggested length of time reading the articles and writing your post.

4. You should not have to subscribe to or pay for anything to see the articles and videos. Please let your instructor know if you have any access issues. In particular, for New York Times articles, an alternative link is provided to allow you to access the article via the UofM Library’s NYT subscription. Note that UofM students can currently register for free NYT subscriber access via CSG (Central Student Government):


Kapitel 7

Aldi Laden

Kapitel 8


Kapitel 9


Kapitel 10

Beispiel der Öffnungszeiten

Switzerland picture

OPTIONAL: Learn more about Switzerland on the wikitravel page for Switzerland

OPTIONAL: Tons Of Guns, But No Mass Shootings: What We Can Learn From The Swiss [Ignore the last sentence/paragraph and draw your own conclusions!]

OPTIONALFrohe Weihnachten: A Visit to Germany’s Christmas Markets

OPTIONAL: Booze Brothers: Father’s Day Debauchery in Deutschland


Kapitel 11

Brandenburger Tor