Great Work by UofM Students Online

  • Deutsch 221/231 Kothe-Hildner Prize Winners and Nominated Videos
  • "German in Song" [German 336] Final Concerts. Fun!
  • German 232: Introduction to German Theater: Performances of excerpts from classic German plays:
    • Winter 2018
  • Wie David Hasselhoff Deutschland rettete Script of the winning role play in the Winter 2013 Deutsch 102 Kothe-Hildner contest, by Nick Millado and Pete Quigley. Read how the Hoff saves Deutschland from the evil sorcerer Jacque, who has turned the population into "schleimige Frösche and stinkende Dinge." Once you see the vocab list, you will know you have to read the rest
  • Kafka: "Das Urteil" Click on "Zusammenfassung" and scroll to the bottom of the page to see a marvelous Flash animation of the story. The site also includes a summary and the full text of the story, a biography of Kafka, and a short essay on what makes "Das Urteil" a classic story.
  • "Ich bin unschuldig" This is a version of the Grimm Brothers' fairy tale Der Wolf und die sieben Geißlein told from the point of view of the wolf. As it turns out, perhaps the "Geißlein" deserved to be eaten, and we should pity the wolf as he drowns in the well...