Deutsch 101/102 Kultur Overheads

German 101 Kultur ReadingsGerman 102 Kultur readings

  • The readings for each chapter consist of the “culture boxes” from the textbook, and additional related articles in English. Students in German 102 also skim a book with ideas for things to do in and around Berlin – see the next bullet point.
  • 365 Dinge, die Du in Berlin und Brandenburg getan haben musst, bevor Du stirbst is unfortunately out of print ==> students in German 102 scan pdfs of this text. 

Mini-Quiz Overheads

Discussion Prompts auf Englisch

  • Kapitel 1-4: Discuss in English of what students found interesting in the texts: small groups, then partners share what they discussed.
  • Kapitel 5: Discussion auf Denglisch – see the next section.
  • Kapitel 6: General discussion of Kultur-Texte from this semester (overhead) and from today in particular: small groups, then partners share what they discussed.

Role-Play Prompts and Simple Tasks auf Deutsch

Discussion Prompts auf Deutsch