Dear all,

This is the first of the weekly emails I mentioned in my message last week. Normally, these will come on Mondays or Tuesdays. These messages are typically quite long, and not all points will be of interest for you. I recommend always reading the introductory text and list of “other highlights,” which you will actually receive via email, and then clicking on the link to the full text of the email online, where you can see more details and links to the items that interest you.
The German Club is gauging interest for a trip to the annual Snowfest in Frankenmuth. This Snowfest Flyer has more information and a link for you to indicate your interest in the trip and what date(s) would work best for you. The Snowfest takes place Jan 22-27. German Club would pay for transportation and admittance to the festival. Frankenmuth is a great place to experience some German-American culture. If you’re interested, please use the link on the flyer to reply soon! For more info about the German Club, visit the German Club website!
For Martin Luther King Day, the German Department will host a “Strolling Screening” [i.e. stop by when you can: the interviews will loop] of SchwarzRotGold, Interviews with Black-Germans, from 12-3pm in the Hatcher Gallery of the Graduate Library, and from 3-5pm in 3308 MLB. Please take a look here at the Schwarz Rot Gold Trailer. Here is a link to a more detailed flyer. I hope many of you will be able to stop by the strolling screening, and I hope all of you who have read this far will watch the trailer!
Two important general deadlines: the last day for students to drop or add regular classes without getting permission is Tuesday, January 28. The deadline for finishing incomplete work from last semester is Tuesday, February 4.
Other highlights from this week’s email, and what section to check for more details:
  • German Lab, Schokoladenstunde, Kaffeestunde, and Deutschtisch – Conversation Hours, German Lab
  • Study Abroad (Freiburg!), Internships, Scholarship Deadlines – Study Abroad/Internships/Scholarship Info AND Upcoming Deadlines and Events
  • Advising Hours – German Courses & Majoring/Minoring in German
  • Conversation Partner Options – Miscellaneous
  • Internships through International Cooperative Education program (apply by 1/18) – Upcoming Deadlines and Events
  • Two Summer Internships through LSA Opportunity Hub (apply by 1/20) – Upcoming Deadlines and Events
  • Mozart’s Birthday Bash (Michigan Theater, 1/18) – Upcoming Deadlines and Events
  • Queer Students Abroad Panel (Fri 1/31, 1-2:30 PM, Michigan Union, Room 2210 AB) – Upcoming Deadlines and Events (Includes Registration Link!)
  • International Center Global Engagement and Education Abroad email list – Miscellaneous
  • Tom Hanks on Driving on the Autobahn – Miscellaneous
  • Google “Suchgeschichten” [“Search stories”] – Miscellaneous

Schokoladenstunde (with games!): Mondays 5:15-6:15 p.m. (with Silvia Grzeskowiak), and Wednesdays 11-12 (with Mary Gell) in the Language Resource Center in North Quad.

  • Schokoladenstunde will take place in the comfy seating area between the two computer classrooms in the Language Resource Center. There will be some German chocolate there 🙂  All students at all levels are welcome to come and chat and play games in German (e.g. Tabu etc.). Schokoladenstunde will be facilitated on Mondays by Silvia Grzeskowiak, and on Wednesdays by Mary Gell.
  • If you ask Silvia or Mary to email your instructor that you were there, you can use this to make up 2 “A&P points” in 101-232.

Max Kade Kaffeestunde (Thursdays 9-10 pm) & Deutschtisch (Sundays 6-7 pm)

  • Kaffeestunde at the Max Kade Haus takes place Thursdays 9-10 pm in the Said Lounge on the Residential Side of North Quad – but please check this page for occasional updates!
    • The Said Lounge is in the residential portion of North Quad, which is only open to residents ==> when you go, please email Reid (, so that someone can come to the front door and let you in. You can also just knock on the door of the residential portion and tell a residence staff member that you are there for the Max Kade House event, and you will be let in.
  • Deutschtisch in the North Quad dining hall: Sundays 6-7 pm.
    • You will need a meal plan or Entrée Plus to enter, or you can purchase a meal at the door (note that this is not cheap) – but you may also be allowed to come in just to talk and not eat, if you say at the door that you are there for the Max Kade event.
    • The group has yellow signs with “Max Kade Deutschtisch” to identify where they are sitting.
    • For questions, contact Reid (
  • German students at all levels (101 and up) are welcome at all Max Kade events. You can make up “A&P Tally” points in 101-232 by attending Max Kade Deutschtisch or Kaffeestunde. Just ask Reid to email your instructor that you were there!

German Lab in Alcove B in the Language Resource Center in North Quad is open Mon-Thu 1-4 pm.

  • The German Lab is open Monday-Thursday 1-4 every week. It’s in Alcove B in the LRC (ground level of North Quad, Room 1500).
  • Go to the German Lab for any kind of help (except we can’t proofread your essays for you): if you need help with homework or a test review sheet (we can proofread your test essays for German 101-231), if you need grammar topics explained or reviewed or need more practice, if you just want to speak some German for fun and/or for your AMD etc. If you have time in the afternoons from 1-4, do your homework in the LRC! Then if you get stuck on something, you can just stop by the German Lab alcove so we can get you unstuck.
  • Click here for more info!

LRC Conversation Partner Site

Go to this page to sign up or find a conversation partner. Please notify the LRC if you notice problems (e.g. outdated records etc.). Don’t be shy: the more people sign up, the better the site will work!

RC Coffee Hour: Mondays 4-5, Greene Lounge, East Quad

  • All are welcome to come to this German conversation hour!
  • This is NOT something you can do to make up an absence, but you can still go for fun and/or write about it for an AMD.

Ann Arbor Stammtisch

  • A German Stammtisch meets once a week, usually on Thursdays at 8:00 pm at Grizzly Peak or another bar near Main Street. Join the email list to stay up-to-date on where and when the group will meet.
  • There’s also a facebook page: look for “German Table / Stammtisch”
  • Alternatively, contact Andy Kasten at for the current location and for more information. Wherever the Stammtisch meets, he’ll be wearing a VfB Stuttgart soccer jersey — Debitel on the front, Bordon #5 on the back. It’s white with a red collar and stripes.
  • This is NOT something you can do to make up an absence, but you can still go for fun and/or write about it for an AMD.
Indicate your interest in the German Club Snowfest trip (see the beginning of this email for more info!)
The German Club Stammtisch takes place weekly in the Michigan Union Tap Room. This email comes too late for this week’s first Stammtisch, which took place last night (Wed 1/15 at 7), but normally you will be able to find the time here in advance. Stammtisch normally takes place on Wednesdays or Thursdays.
Check out the German Club Website!
Questions/Comments: email Paul ( or Drue (

Email to get put on the email list, or “like” the club on Facebook at for updates!

Please note that by attending German Club meetings, you can make up “A&P” points in German 101-232. Just ask one of the German Club officers to email your instructor (or write a note) saying you were there!

Faculty Advisors Mary Rodena-Krasan & Kalli Federhofer

  • Contact our two faculty advisors, Mary or Kalli, for advice on study abroad, internships abroad, a German major/minor, upper-level German courses, career opportunities in German, study-abroad and work-abroad opportunities, etc. They have frequent office hours in Fall/Winter, as follows:
  • Mary Rodena-Krasan (MLB 3128;
    • Her office hours are:
      TTH 11-12:30, 1:30-4 p.m.
      and by appointment
  • Karl-Georg Federhofer (MLB 3422;
    • His office hours this week are:
      Monday, January 13: 10-11:30, 1:30-3 p.m.,
      Tuesday, January 14: 10-12:30 p.m.,
      Wednesday, January 15: 10-11:30, 1:30-4:30 p.m.,
      Thursday, January 16: 10-12:30, 2:30-4:30 p.m.,
      Friday, January 17: 10-11:30, 3-4:30,
      and by appointment
  • To reach either advisor:
  • You can also schedule appointments with Mary & Kalli by clicking here
  • …and you can contact Kalli via text message (734-277-7341) or via Facebook (Kalli Federhofer)

German Peer Advisors/Mentors

If you would like to get in touch with a peer mentor in our Department, please write to: Their expertise includes:

  • Current classes and potential courses
  • Study abroad, internship, and traveling in Germany
  • Academic requirements (major/minor, LSA language requirement) and combination (engineering, pre-health, etc.)
  • Max Kade House
  • Departmental scholarships/fellowships
  • On- and off-campus German opportunities (German Club, German Day, etc.)
  • Career/job search
  • Getting involved – enhancing your undergraduate experience with the German Department

This page will only include entries in this category when there is a job/internship etc. aimed at German students at all levels. To see more internship and job opportunities, scroll through Kalli’s blog, addressed to all upper-level German students

There are two German Department facebook groups:

  • “German Advising at University of Michigan” [Read news here!]
    • Join this group to see much of the information you see in this email, as well as other relevant info, in the form of individual announcement posts.
  • “German Program at University of Michigan – Vorwärts Blau!” [Post things here!]
    • You are encouraged to join this group to in order to read and post interesting/fun items related to German language and culture. If you have trouble joining the group or posting something, please email Hartmut!

AND there is a German Department facebook page. Check it out:

You can find weekly updates similar to this email but with lots more content on this blog.

We also encourage you to join us on our LinkedIn site: ‘University of Michigan German Department’

You can also follow us on Twitter: @umichGerman

Conversation Partner Options: Various options for finding conversation partners are listed on this page.

Sign up here for the International Center’s Global Engagement and Education Abroad email list. Weekly emails include info on workshops regarding travel and work abroad, conversation groups, cultural info sessions etc. SEHR interessant!

Google “Suchgeschichten” [“Search stories”]
This is a collection of 6 cute, short videos telling a story via series of screen captures of Google searches.

Tom Hanks on Driving on the Autobahn
This clip of Tom Hanks talking to David Letterman is a few years old, but still fun 🙂